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2014 | Puszcza Białowieska – przewodnik – Bialowieza Forest – guide
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First snow

Each year the first snow is a big event. Landscape gets dominated by a new colour, and winter makes itself tangible. Besides, there is something simply beautiful about subtly floating flakes.

Royal Oaks Trail

November has come. A warm autumn is coming to its end, while winter is still to come. Bicycle trips remain rather for those more hardened to cold, whereas ski-lovers have to wait for snow. However, this period is perfect simply for walking and, for example, choosing one of the educational routes of Białowieża Forest.

On friendship of a woman, horses and the Forest

Forest and its vicinity are perfect for outdoor activities. Combination of passion and harmonious landscape may result in a unique adventure. Such is the case of Anna Moroz, a dentist living in Warsaw but brought up in Hajnówka, who spends all her free  time somewhere near the Forest, where her horses have their home.

Hues of gold in the Forest

The first half of October is the time when leaves change their colours most intensively. This year warmth and sunshine let us enjoy bright colours even longer and appreciate the beauty of Autumn even more deeply. The Forest and its vicinity once again turned out to be a perfect walking and cycling destination.

Autumn birds’ migrations in the region

All birdwatchers find September and October special. Birds are migrating, which means that we have a chance of watching many rare species. Not only are birds from the North and from the East on the move, but also most of our breeding ones fly away.

Roaring deer

September is a month of change in the forest: leaves are getting golden, grass – yellow, mushrooms appear, Pygmy owls whistle, fog soars at dawn and dusk, and deer begin to roar.

Time for mushrooming

Season for mushrooms is in its full swing. Many look forward to this time of year and, as soon as first mushrooms appear, they immediately rush into the forest. Indeed, mushrooming seems to resemble a game of hide-and-seek played with nature and may turn out very involving and relaxing – especially that the forest in […]

Beavers changing the Forest

Beaver, our biggest rodent, is a distinguished constructor, building dams, lodges and felling trees. It is also perfectly adapted to aquatic conditions. However, we are not going to dwell on the species itself, as plenty of interesting articles have been written about these animals. We would like to focus on beavers’ ecological role in Białowieża […]

Canoeing through Białowieża Forest

 In the old days forest’s rivers used to be the main roads for wood tranport and communication between villages and forest settlements. Today you can flow through them in a canoe exploring wild forest places, often unaccessible from the ground roads.

Summing up of birds’ breeding season

Birds’ breeding season is coming to an end, therefore we want to sum up which rare species were recorded in the region this year.

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