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Puszcza Białowieska – przewodnik – Bialowieza Forest – guide

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  • first hepatica
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The Forest is tasting

Bialowieza Forest is famous for its nature, rich culture and tourist trails. And as is well-known walking or cycling expeditions into the forest significantly increases the appetite, so we encourage you to try the famous regional cusine.


Get your bicycle and enjoy May dew days in the forest!

Looking for an idea for the coming weekend? The true spring weather is coming! So, get your bicycle and go through forest paths to enjoy a fresh spring air! We recommend you the GREEN TRAIL to warm you up a bit after the winter break. 

Genuine winter

This year, finally, a real winter has set in for good. The world has become frosty, white and very quiet.  (…)

Visa-free border crossing in Białowieża

Visitors coming to Białowieża Forest have an opportunity to go to the Belarussian part of the Forest without cost- and time-consuming visa formalities.


In search for bisons

Winter without any snow is often associated with overwhelming grey – grey weather, grey landscape, very short days. Birds have flown away, insects have disappeared. What is left is just waiting for snow. This period might be considered to be the worst one for trips to the Forest. However, quite the contrary, the best time to spot bisons has only just begun. (…)

Look in the microspace

Once again we invite you to see photos from a series named “Postcard from the Forest” and to discover the extraordinary nature of the Region Bialowieza Forest in the microscale.

Leśna River had dried out

This year’s summer turned out to be exceptionally dry and hot. In fact, the draught started already in spring and the next couple of boiling months without a drop of rain made the situation even worse. Such weather conditions had strong impact on forest rivers. (…)

Field of blooming flax

In Podlasie flax has always been a very important plant –  a source of food and clothes. Its seeds vere made into traditional flaxen oil, a significant ingredient of the local diet, whereas plant’s stems provided precious fibre.  (…)

Birds’ nests

It is not an overstatement to say that in spring animals which manifest their presence in the loudest way are birds. In fact, their songs are one of the signs of spring, just like first flowers or green leaves.


Children in the Bialowieza Forest

Białowieża Forest region, thanks to its biological and cultural diversity, might prove a perfect place for holidays with children who may love it here.


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