Fields and meadows

Extensive farming in the Białowieża Forest region provides good conditions for many species.




Numerous interesting birds can be watched here, especially in the autumn – spring period.


Some wintering species that can be mentioned are: horned lark, redpolls (also the Arctic one), twite, snow bunting,  white-tailed eagle, golden eagle and very rarely Snowy owl. Raptors that are numerous in wintertime are rough-legged buzzards.

Spring and autumn are the seasons of migrations. Some birds gather in big flocks – storks in August and cranes in September. In spring geese often rest in the fields and meadows. In their flocks some rare species can be observed. Also starlings, lapwings and golden plovers form big and picturesque flocks. Other species that sometimes occur here in the migration period are Eurasian dotterel, sociable and rarely spur-winged lapwings.



Sometimes rosy starling or roller (a nesting bird until quite recently) can be seen in the area.

Raptors present here on migrations are: merlin, red-footed falcon, black kite and red kite, long-legged buzzard, pallid, hen and Montagu’s harriers (the last one breeding) and peregrine falcon. In winter golden eagle and white-tailed eagle can be seen hunting here.



Some gravel pits have become breeding sites for bee-eaters. Among recorded species there are also hoopoes and Eurasian curlew. Syrian woodpecker breeds in a few towns and villages.


The most interesting time for observation is winter, and also the migration period in spring and autumn.

What can be useful?

Fields and meadows are big open spaces convenient for birdwatching. Binoculars and field scopes will prove extremely useful.

In winter it is difficult to walk in the snowy fields due to deep snow and snow-drifts. Snowshoes or skis and high boots are a good idea.

Open spaces are usually windy, so it is advised to put on some warm clothes and a windstopper. In summer it is good to think of some protection from the sun.


There is a net of roads in the fields that makes travelling by car easy and convenient. The roads can also serve as excellent cycling routes.

Fields prevail over meadows. Some major meadow areas are: Górniańskie Meadows, meadows near Tyniewicze Duże, those by Łoknica and Orlanka Rivers, and near Orzeszkowo, Dubicze Cerkiewne and Jagodniki. In the vicinity of Narewka these are “Łozowe Meadows” and those near Siemianówka.

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