Canoeing through Białowieża Forest

16 sierpnia 2014

 In the old days forest’s rivers used to be the main roads for wood tranport and communication between villages and forest settlements. Today you can flow through them in a canoe exploring wild forest places, often unaccessible from the ground roads.


canoeing in Bialowieza Forest


Narewka, as the largest river in the forest, gives the best opportunities for canoeing. It comes from Belarus, taking its source in swamps called ”Wild Nikor”. Passing through the northen part of Białowieża, it reaches the Białowieża National Park. Then flowing around the area of strict protection of the Park and the Chwoźna area, it comes to the village named Narewka. Canoeing down this part, you will see ones of the wildest places of the forest and plenty of swamps mostly not accessible from the ground.




The second part of Narewka river – from Narewka village to the Narew river’s issue – gives you an opportunity to admire the nearest surroundings of the forest. It goes through by-forest meadows and crosses some old villages with wooden architecture.

While canoeing it is quite common to see wild animals, for example bisons grazing in the river bank meadow.

Narewka River’s route consists of two parts as described below:


Kosy Most- Narewka – I part  called ”Forest Trail”

Narewka – Narew – II part called ”Two Rivers Trail”


in the vicinity of Białowieża village thre is third trail so called – „Białowieża Meadow”


Of course, if you have enough energy  you may choose to canoe down the whole river or even continue your adventure flowing further down Narew.




How to get your canoe trip


You should contact canoe rentals that will help you organize your trip according to your preferences. Also fetching you from any spot you will want to finish your trip is mostly possible to fix.


List of rentals:


Travel office “NES-TUR”

fot. Jerzy Nesteruk

fot. Jerzy Nesteruk



– canoe for 2 people – 30 pcs

– canoe for 1 person – 2 pcs


Mr. Jerzy Nesteruk, phone + 48 608 444 536 , e-mail:










Canoe site in Narewka (Travel office ”JUNIOR”)

Stanica wodna_Narewka


– canoe for 2 people – 10 pcs


email:, phone + 48 85 685 80 52










Restaurant “Bojarski Gościniec” – Narewka





– canoe for 2 people – 20 pcs

Contact: + 48 606 232 528, + 48 606 264 022, e-mail:









Guesthouse “U Ireny” – Lewkowo Stare





– canoe for 2 people – 6 pcs


– canoe for 1 person – 3 pcs


Contact: + 48 608 078 796


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