Celebrations of Pentecost at Krynoczka

10 lipca 2014

Krynoczka (pronounced as krynotchka) means a spring of water. The name of the holy site in the Forest derives exactly from this word. Near the church there is a spring, on which a well was built, and whose water, according to Orthodox faithful, has the healing power.





History of Krynoczka is not well explained. What is known, however, is the fact that the spring was venerated already ages ago, and that in some ancient times hermitage monks might have lived on the site. For sure, it is a special place for local people who come here in hundreds or even thousands for the feast of Pentecost, on its third day called the Day of the Holy Trinity. Local little church, surrounded by imposing old oaks, is consecrated exactly in the Holy Trinity’s name.


Krynoczka church


Already on the second Day of Pentecost, in the evening, solemn vespers and martins take place, and the prayer prolongs even at night. Next day, in the morning, there is a Holy Liturgy, finishing with a procession to the holy spring.


Krynoczka przy źródełku


No doubt, the place is worth visiting as it combines the beauty of nature with the local tradition.


And how to get to Krynoczka?


The place is located about 3 km from Hajnówka, by Budnicki Tryb. It is easy to get there but the best solution is to follow the map. (Krynoczka is marked on majority of maps.) Right next to the site you will see a sign because the church is not visible from the road.

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