In search for bisons

19 grudnia 2015

Winter without any snow is often associated with overwhelming grey – grey weather, grey landscape, very short days. Birds have flown away, insects have disappeared. What is left is just waiting for snow. This period might be considered to be the worst one for trips to the Forest. However, quite the contrary, the best time to spot bisons has only just begun.


żubr w lesie 1


In summer bisons are much more careful and keep to forest shrubs in some secret nooks of the woods, where they can find abundance of various herbs and grass. This is also were they have their calves. Therefore, in summer it is more difficult to meet bisons in forest meadows and glades.

In autumn bisons change their behavior, become less cautious and start looking for food even in the vicinity of settlements. It is when they can be observed in a number of places – in meadows by haystacks, by feeders, in the fields of sprouting grain, sometimes in orchards with remnants of fruit, as well as in places where hunters lure animals and where salt is put out.


żubr w lesie


In winter bisons form herds, sometimes really large. The most numerous herd we have seen added up to 90 specimens. Such meetings prove truly unique, as they give the opportunity to watch entire bison families, consisting of adult and young animals. It is worth mentioning that a herd can keep to one place for a relatively long time, even up to a few weeks, if only they can find enough food there.


żubr w Gruszkach


Because watching bisons in wintertime is easier, we suggest taking advantage of this period and setting off for outdoor trips. You might find our page with feeding sites useful. Quite a few of these sites are located not very far from roads, which makes it possible to observe bisons without disturbing them. Sometimes bisons can also be spotted in the Forest itself, in places where hay for animals is distributed. In such cases, however, everybody should remember to keep distance both for their own safety and for bisons’ well-being.

We wish you memorable encounters with these majestic animals! 

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