The Orthodox Church of Saints Maccabees Brothers „Krynoczka”

Krynoczka , meaning a source of water, is a spring in the Białowieża Forest situated 3 km from Hajnówka not far from the Hajnówka – Białowieża road. The Orthodox consider this site a holy and miraculous one. 

DSC_7591Krynoczka is a destination of annual pilgrimiges that take place at the feast of Pentecost. On the location there is a small wooden  Maccabees Brothers church from 1846. The church belongs to the Orthodox parish in the nearby village of Dubiny. In 1848, from donations of the faithful, a little chapel was built over the spring’s well.

Most probably the place was considered sacred already in the 13th century and might have been a site of a tiny monastery set up by a group of monks seeking refuge from Tatars. Another story has it that a miracle-working icon of Virgin Mary appeared on one of the nearby trees.

Krynoczka cerkiew

Pilgrims who come to Krynoczka drink water from the well and rinse pieces of cloth in the water to wipe aching parts of their bodies. Then they hang the pieces of fabric on the fence behind the well. Thus, symbolically, they leave their ailments behind.


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