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YELLOW: Hajnówka – Budy – Białowieża | Puszcza Białowieska – przewodnik – Bialowieza Forest – guide

YELLOW: Hajnówka – Budy – Białowieża

The yellow trail links Hajnówka with Białowieża, crossing almost entirely Białowieża Forest from West to East. In its first part, from Hajnówka to Budy village, the road goes in straight line. The terrain is quite hilly. In its second part, from Budy to Białowieża, the road is more winding and the terrain is more smooth. You cross three forest villages: Budy, Teremiski and Pogorzelce with many well-preserved houses of traditional wooden architecture.  On the route you also find BISON SHOW RESERVE and ROYAL OAKS TRAIL.  



– 0,0 km: START at the Tourist Center, 3-Maja 45 street,
go Białowieża direction, at the town exit you find CATHOLIC CHURCH on your left and ORTHODOX CHURCH on your right,
at the intersection turn to the left (along the cemetery),

go around 2 km, then you see a few houses on your left, at that point turn to the right, from asphalt to a forest road,

– 3,0 km: at the junction, turn to the right, you enter Hajnowska Road and go around 7 km in straight line,

Hajnowska Road

Hajnowska Road


– 4,1 km: on your right KRYNOCZKA,

– 8,1 km: ”Dubita” forest river and DĘBOWY GRĄD RESERVE,

– 10,0 km: you reach an asphalt road, turn to the right then to the left to Budy village, here you find bar/restaurants: ”U Kolarza” and SIOŁO BUDY,

''U Kolarza" bar/restaurant in Budy village

”U Kolarza” bar/restaurant in Budy village


– 13,5 km: ,,Krynica” river,


– 14,0 km: Teremiski village,

meadows nearby Teremiski

meadows nearby Teremiski


– 17,5 km: ”Stara Białowieża”,
on your left ROYAL OAKS TRAIL,

at the crossing roads, turn to the right to a forest road,

21 km

21 km


– 20,5 km: on your left BISON SHOW RESERVE,

– 21,5 km: you reach the main asphalt road Hajnówka – Białowieża, turn to the left to Białowieża,

– 25,0 km: FINISH, Białowieża centre.


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