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The most unique part of the Forest is the strictly protected area of the Bialowieza National Park. It is one of the most primeval and valuable remains of European wildlife and, at the same time, the first national park in Poland under protection for over 80 years – a place where nature rules and a man can change literally nothing. It is so precious that it can be entered only with a licensed guide. Therefore, to witness on your own the wild beauty of nature and experience what ancient forests on the European continent were like, this is undoubtedly the place to see.


Wild forest animals usually do not roam the streets of the local towns or villages, as some imagine them to do. Still, a patient and a bit lucky nature lover will surely be able to spot them. For many the highlight of their stay is meeting with a bison – a species that used to be on the verge of extinction but is becoming more and more numerous. It is the easiest to meet a herd of bisons in winter or early spring when their herds often graze in the fields by the Forest. To meet more of the Forest inhabitants and especially the variety of birds it is recommended to set off into the wild with a local naturalist or guide. If you are travelling with your kids or staying in the Forest only for a short while, you might consider visiting the European Bison Show Reserve, which is an animal refuge administrated by the Bialowieza National Park.


The Forest is a dream place or cyclists – full of welcoming flat gravel Road, with hardy Any or no cars at all, with fresh air and many resting places. A cyclist can find here a big choice of routes, as well as they follow the perfectly marked and organized Green Velo trail that goes across the whole eastern part of Poland. The icing on the cake is the bike border crossing with Belarus with a special visa-free travel for tourist.


Bialowieza Forest Region as a mosaic of cultures and religions constitutes a bridge between the western and eastern traditions. Therefore, it is also a place where traditional culture is highly regarded and cultivated, which results in some unique cultural events.

– Kupalle (St. John’s Night)

The local ancient custom of celebrating St. John’s Night (summer solstice) is called Kupalle. It derives from old Slavonic traditions and beliefs, therefore, bonfires, girls in traditional clothes, wreathes floating down the rivers (as well as those who try to catch them), good food and all-night-long fun with live music are what is sure to be there. According to folk legends anything is possible on a night like this… The concerts are organized in a couple of places on different days at the turn of June and July.



The diversity of the culture of the region also reflects in its cuisine. You can find here savours of the traditional Polish cuisine, as well as a strong influence from the East: Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Not be suprised if you see on your menu Tatars and Jewish cuisines too.

The secret of the local taste is a good quality food, made by local farmers still mostly in a traditional way. Many dishes are also based on the food coming from the forest, like mashrooms, fruits and honey. We advise you to go to the marketplace in Hajnówka (in the center of the town) to get food directly from local farmers and prepare a meal on your own. The market is open every morning, but the greatest number of farmers come on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Instead of killing animals with a gun, catch them with your camera and get a unique souvenir photo of a bison, deer, moose or even lynx…if your are lucky! There is nothing to compare to meet and look at a wild animal’s eyes in the natural environment…
Get a great shot, send to us your „hunting trophy” and we will publish it on our webside with your name!


just go to the forest and slow down yourself. Refresh your mind and let all bad emotions go away. Taste some silence between trees and nature soothing sounds. You do not need much to get rest here. Just come, be quite and let the nature to show its beauty to your spirit and body…


We recommed you to get an accomodation in one of village geushouses instead of big hotels. In this way you will have an opportunity to meet local people and get to know their way of slow-down living.


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